We at Volta believe in the circle of giving through kindness, appreciation, and self-expression. Our students have been highly impacted through the power of music as they feel music learning as a refuge and a way of expressing themselves. Volta provides a safe space to be, feel and heal while experiencing music learning.

Every member of our team and family has been gifted the opportunity to give back, cherish and nurture the lives of many individuals connected through music. We invite you to take action in this circle of giving to ensure that more students in our community continue to experience life through music and to be gifted with the opportunity to learn and experience so that the sounds of their instruments continue resonating in our hearts.

Whether your donation is a set of strings for our students in Latin America, instruments no longer used, or a donation to ensure our programs continue supporting the community, we appreciate you for your commitment to the Volta Family.


Yalyen Savignon
Executive Director